Updated Spring schedule: increased talk frequency, and joining as individuals

by plustcs

We hope you are all as safe and sound as possible these days, and will be for the weeks to come.

For those of you confined at home, it may be hard to remain connected with the TCS community or stay up-to-date with the current research, as in-person seminars and conferences are cancelled. In case this may help, we have decided to increase for now the frequency of our online seminars, to try and mitigate this aspect. This won’t restore normalcy, but every little thing counts.

Here is our current, now weekly schedule: we may add more talks to it in the days to come, so keep an eye on our calendar and don’t hesitate to suggest talks and results you are curious about.

  • 03/25: Dana Moshkovitz (UT Austin) on “Nearly Optimal Pseudorandomness From Hardness”
  • 04/01: Venkat Guruswami (CMU) on “Arıkan meets Shannon: Polar codes with near-optimal convergence to channel capacity”
  • 04/08: Rahul Ilango (MIT) on “NP-Hardness of Circuit Minimization for Multi-Output Functions”
  • 04/15: Ramon van Handel (Princeton) on “Rademacher type and Enflo type coincide”
  • 04/22: Huacheng Yu (Princeton) on “Nearly Optimal Static Las Vegas Succinct Dictionary”
  • 04/29: Sepideh Mahabadi (TTIC) on “Non-Adaptive Adaptive Sampling on Turnstile Streams”

We emphasize that you can (and should) join as individuals, from home: if you are interested in a talk, ask for a spot for yourself, no need to go to your institution. We have the live audience capacity for this to work, so don’t hesitate!

We will post individual announcements several days before each talk, including the abstracts and how to ask for a spot, as usual; and the talks will of course be available on YouTube and our website afterwards if you couldn’t make it to the live, interactive one. Crucially, we would like your feedback: not only talk suggestions as pointed out before, but also any idea or suggestion you may have of things we could do or implement, or of content you would like to see. You can send us feedback by emailing any of our organizers, or leaving a comment below.

Stay safe,

The TCS+ team

Note: you don’t need to sign up in advance (the link will be made public on our website the day of the talk, and you can just join then). We only encourage you to do so in order for us to get a sense of the audience size, but it’s optional: don’t feel you have to plan ahead!